Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raspberry for dessert!

If you have a dinner with friends and you're wondering what to serve for dessert, yummy and light... this recipe is for you...
The idea is very simple you choose the fruits of the season, any berries, oranges, grapefruits or a mix of them. Split the fruits between the individual ramekins.
Before dessert, serving 4, whip 4 egg yolks with 1/4 oz (80g) of powdered sugar (sucre glace) and 4 tbsp of orange juice ; cook this sabayon on a bain-marie whipping all the time, until the texture gets thicker.
When it's ready split it between the ramekins and broil them for a few minutes until nicely brown. Et voilĂ !!!
Many variants are possible : you can replace orange juice by any alcohol you like ; you can add fresh grated ginger, vanilla, of course cinnamon...
The only drawback of this recipe is that you have to spend 10 min in the kitchen to make it at the last minute. Not so bad if you're in the US with a open kitchen, though!!

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