Frequently Asked Questions

I don't leave in the Boston Area, can I still take a class?
If you leave less than two hours from Boston, we could organize a class for you. You will just have to send us an e-mail. If you leave further, we're not able yet to organize a class but leave us you name, e-mail and town so that we can recontact you as soon as we will have expanded.

We are a group of friends but none of us can host a class, how can we manage to have a class?
Please contact us, we have solution to host a group of friends if you cannot.

Do I need something special in my kitchen to host a class?
In order to be able to welcome your friends and according to the number of friends you would like to share the class with, you should have a rather big kitchen, 12 ft of counter top for 6 people (or 2ft of countertop per person), a large oven, a wide stove with four to six burners: there will be in your kitchen at the same time your group of friends, the teacher and the cleaner.

What is you cancellation policy?
- If you cancel more than 14 days before the class, you can switch to another class, with no processing fee ; if you don’t want to switch to another class, you will be given full refund of the price of the class.
- If you cancel between 14 days and 5 days before the class, you can switch to another class with a $30 processing fee per person or get 50% refund on the price of the class.

- There shall be no refunds if you cancel 4 days or less before the class.

What if there is allergies in my family? Can you adapt the recipes?
Yes, of course, if you tell us, when you book, we could arrange and adapt the recipes if the allergies are not too wide. For example, it is easy and possible to switch shrimps to fish in a recipe.