Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kids friendly spinach

The question of the day: how do I get my kids eat spinach, the 3 of them, with no grumpy face? What a challenge! The idea of the day is Stuffed Crêpes with Béchamel, with ham and parmesan. Whao, it worked! two out of three said it was very good and the last one said he did not really liked it but ate it.
This is not a short recipe but you can also use it as an idea to make savory crêpes before the sweet ones.
Serving 5, you need :
- 10 crêpes
- chopped cooked spinach, 10 tbsp
- 2 tbsp of grated parmesan
- 2 thick slices of cooked ham and 5 slices of prosciutto
- 2 tbsp of flour
- 2 tbsp of butter
- 1 1/2 cup of milk (400ml)
- grated cheddar cheese

Make a thick Béchamel or white sauce: 2 tbsp of butter melted in a sauce pan, add 2 tbsp of flour, whip vigourously and add 2 cups of milk and cook slowly for 10min until it gets thick, then add the grated parmiggiano.
Dice the ham and prosciutto
Mix them in the Béchamel with spinach.
Put 3 tbsp of the spinach Béchamel on each crêpe and fold them. Add some cheddar cheese on top and put the crêpes in a preheated oven (400F) for 15 min until the cheese has melted and got nicely brown.
And please share your success... or not...


  1. Our kids love crêpes, but usually only very plain: cheese and sometimes avocado filling. I hadn't thought to add spinach, but I'll try it.

    What I want to know is who's the holdout and was it spinach related?

  2. Actually, the smaller one is going though a "nothing new" phase... so this is the one!

  3. i think you can slather anything with bechamel and make it extremely edible. great (and sneaky) methods and recipe! :)