Monday, May 10, 2010

A great dinner with eggs in 10 min?

Oeufs cocotte: this is a very French one, indeed!

A very simple idea: pour an egg in a ramekin, add 2 tablespoon of heavy cream, salt and pepper and whatever additional ingredient you have left in your fridge: I love to add 2 tbsp of cooked mushrooms, or 1 tbsp of parmiggiano or 1 tbsp of spinach or 5 pitted olives and slices of dried tomatoes or slices of ham. Cook them in the oven for 8 min with the ramekins put in a pan filled with warm water (you have to preheat the oven for 15min at 400F with the pan filled with 2 inches of water so that the water is really warm when you put the ramekin in it).

You know it is cooked when the white is white and not transparent any more but be carefull not to overcook them. Enjoy them with green salad and thin slices of French baguette.
My Mom used to do that when she was running short of ideas for dinner and we loved it. I used to prefer them plain with a lot of bread but, please don't tell my kids. Yummy!
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