Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farmer's markets are back!

Huge weekly markets have been one of the things I have been missing a lot since I arrived to the US. In France, they take place all year round. Therefore, I was very happy today to be able to go to the market again. There were plenty of strawberries, freshly picked. And, and... I tried a goat cheese which is delicious: they sell several sorts, with pepper, with basil and garlic or marinated with herbs in olive oil. All of them are very good. Enjoy them on a slice of good French or Italian bread, with, of course, a glass of red wine.
Simply pleasure!


  1. I was waiting for the Farmer's Markets too. Good to know they are back.

  2. I love that the markets are back. I was also so excited to see Tart or Sour Cherries at Russo's the other day. This weekend we have pesto in the fridge from Wilson's Farm, pickles from NJ cukes (I didn't get a chance to get to market this week) and on the counter what's left of the cherry pie.