Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!!! and winter squash soup

New Year resolutions, I love the idea. You know, those resolution you make and you follow for 2 days before giving up... This year, I decided, I won't give up so easily.
So, resolution number one: try at least a new recipe or idea per week and post it on my blog
Resolution number two: exercise bike at least twice a week so that I can try these new recipes without feeling guilty
Resolution number three: find a job, and make resolution number 3 compatible with number 1 and 2...

Therefore, here is my first recipe of 2011: a very quick one I tried yesterday.
Winter squash soup is very easy but the result could be disappointing if you use only winter squash.
Just add in the boiling water with the winter squash (a big slice) peeled and cut in small pieces, one or two peeled baking potatoes and one sliced leek. You can add in the water, according to your taste one or two tablespoon of curry paste, and of course salt and pepper.
Once all the vegetables are cooked, blend them together... and enjoy.
And please, make the resolution, my beloved reader, to comment these posts!

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  1. I always will! and I love your resolutions. Especially number 3 ;-)