Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fast and yummy chicken for the whole family

Yesterday's challenge was we had to leave Paris to go to the Loire Valley and we had 45 min to make dinner and have dinner with a fridge, hum, not empty but close. There was some carrots and 3 chicken breasts and some Coppa from Corsica in that fridge.

So, I cut the chicken in small pieces, and 2 carrots in small cubes (like 1.4 inch) and 3 slices of Coppa in small pieces too (you can replace Coppa by any kind of prosciutto or even bacon). In one table spoon of olive oil, fry 1 sliced garlic clove with the chicken and the carrots. After 5 min add the Coppa or the prosciutto. Let it cook for 10 min. When it's ready add 3 tbsp of balsamic vinegar in the pan and 4 tbsp of heavy cream. Stir. It's ready. You can enjoy it with green salad or a side dish with rice. Great success in my family...

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