Saturday, March 20, 2010

For chocolate lovers only...

Yes, I am addicted to chocolate; this is one of my numerous passions in life. Apparently, this was in my DNA, as you can notice with my youngest son Gabriel who was making truffles and chocolate ganache with me!
I love the multiple facets of chocolate: when you make a piece of dark chocolate melt slowly on your tongue, when you prepare a mini chocolate cake with the inside not really cooked so it remains semi-liquid, or when you pour boiling cream onto small pieces of chocolate in order to make a ganache. Of course, the quality of the chocolate you use is key. My favorite one is Valrhona, dark or milk chocolate. You can find it at Whole Foods or on line


  1. And when an easter egg cracks in your mouth, delivering semi liquid "praliné à l'ancienne" inside....

  2. Most definitely my DNA too. Can't go a day without it and these ganache are wonderful - I particularly like them with milk chocolate!