Saturday, March 27, 2010

So smooth madeleines!

I love madeleines. They are one of my favorite sweets with macaroons and chocolate cakes. They are quite easy to make. You just need the proper molds if you want them to look like madeleines.
So, the my last and favorite recipe is the one from Joel Robuchon, a famous Chef in France, one of the best among the bests.
Mix together 7oz (200g) of sugar powdered, 2 3/4 oz (80g) of flour and same amount of almond flour ; add 6 egg whites slightly beaten and then 7 oz (200g) of melted butter, one tablespoon of honey and the zests and juice of one lime. Put it in the fridge for one hour and bake them in the moulds for 15mn (400F)
So smooth! I cannot stop! I have to! I will never make these madeleines again, they kill me!!!!

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  1. Looks so easy and so good. I will try very soon;)